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清新之中、展現出現代風格和法式優雅,Jacadi 禮服系列 展現孩子最美的風範。 透過花卉圖案呈現巴黎時尚流行,華麗的裙襬舞動一季的浪漫。 在鮮花盛開的巴黎花園,小紳士男孩們穿著別緻的服裝。 細膩的細節設計與精心挑選的布料,法式工藝的呈現,帶來5月畢業季的最美裝扮.

Couture inspiration



The return of spring days announce the beginning of the ceremony season at Jacadi. Baptism, wedding, birthday, great family celebrations or small parties with friends... children are all very keen to get dressed up for these exceptional moments!

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For newborns, toddlers or older children, Jacadi designed a Ceremony Collection that reflects the freshness of childhood, is inspired by Parisian elegance and plays with the contrasts between modernity and heritage. Girl's procession dress, bridesmaids dress, pleated dress, formal dress, sleeveless dress, Peter Pan collar dress... the most beautiful girl's ceremony dresses are ready to parade wisely on the D-day or to twirl between the guests!

For little girls to be the most beautiful, every detail is important in a child wedding outfit, a party look or a formal dress! A petal collar, little ribbons, ruffled sleeves or even an openwork back... chic is expressed to perfection at Jacadi. With the boys, the looks for children's ceremony, baby wedding suits and boy's christening suits borrow the codes of sportswear chic: white, navy and gray lay the foundations of elegance, and some bright colors modernize the look. Children's formal wear also has a great sense of detail. In fact, accessories have been specially designed to perfectly match the looks (formal hair accessories, floral headbands, kids ties and kids bow ties). Also to be discovered to give a chic final touch to the dressed-up looks: ceremony shoes, christening shoes or wedding shoes complete the outfits to perfection: Mary Janes, colored babies and patent sandals for girls; classic moccasins or city sneakers for boys. To help you carefully compose pretty formal wear for kids down to the last detail, get your inspiration in store or on Jacadi.us.

For girls or boys, clothes for special days

For girls or boys, Jacadi offers children's formal wear that is elegant with a touch of poetry. Wedding, party or christening clothes are available from birth to size 12 Years. All our dresses, suits and formal dresses, are designed in our Parisian workshops by designers who are fine connoisseurs of French chic. It is this know-how that can combine tradition and modernity, for a result with elegance all in distinction and timeless chic, that you will appreciate to find in Jacadi's ceremonial outfits. Jacadi's children's formalwear is offered in neat cuts and beautiful materials. Fresh linen and cotton blends for mild days; 100% cotton to withstand emotion-filled parties; soft, durable leather for fatigue-free dancing and no missteps. The details of our children's formal wear are such a joy to wear and look at that you'd come to wish the party would last forever... The delicate gathers and details of the christening dresses; the straight lines with a very British spirit of the boy's Bermuda shorts; the sober and distinguished attire of the jackets and blazers... Discover the ceremony according to Jacadi.